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Composer's Log - January 22, 2019

Article 24.01.2020 22:53

I can't seem to help myself, so it looks like this is going to happen. Maybe not all at once, but I haven't felt like working on anything else in at least a couple of weeks, and I've made it to the end of the first half of this movement, which is most of the creative work done on it, plus I have sketches for all the other movements. This is happening.

If IMSLP can be believed, there are only a few other works for this combination of instruments (2 oboes & 2 bassoons), and those few I've found are all baroque, so once again, this classically-styled piece will be pretty much unique in the repertoire. I couldn't be more thrilled with how it sounds too! I cannot for the life of me imagine why hardly anybody has written for this ensemble before when it works so wonderfully well.

Anyway, time to put it to bed for the night, and work on it again as soon as I can.

A link to the sound file for what I have so far:  Quartet in A minor - Allegro non tanto ma con fuoco

Quartet in A minor for 2 Oboes and 2 Bassoons - Exposition 1 of 2Quartet in A minor for 2 Oboes and 2 Bassoons - Exposition 2 of 2


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